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workout change up…. :-}

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Hey folks.. welcome back to the blog…. In P.E.   we have switched up our workout routine a little bit.  We have started  a similar but slightly different approach to the same  exercises..   We begin with 9 reps of each exercise ( pushups, situps, squat/jumps, tricept extentions) and then work our way down to zero reps..  (8 reps of each,  7 reps of each, 6 reps….etc..)  The kids seem to feel this is workable  and so they are doing a pretty good job. we also have been running some laps outside on the track and the suggested time for a lap  (1/4  mile) is 1.5  -2  mins.  If they cant make it in four mins… they run the risk of getting in trouble…

Thanks for checking in.

Coach Crow

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6 square...... ITS LIFE OR DEATH AT WMS !!

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Students enjoy playing VolleyBall!!

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I never knew that volleyball was so much fun!!

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Fun Times in the Gym :-}

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   I won !!

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Welcome to Whitesbug P.E.

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Welcome to  Coach Crow’s  Edublog.    This is new to me and i will be posting more and more to this site as i get better acquainted with it.   You will eventually be able to find  the P.E. syllabus here as  well as other info about our program.  Thanks for checking in with me here.  Check back again to see my progress!   we have been playing volleyball and working on our fitness since the beginning of school.  Kids are doing great!

Scroll over the word “Fitness”  under categories to see some of what’s new in P.E.  this year.  :-}

Coach Crow

Random thoughts/  study results on the relationship between fitness and academic success.  :-}


CONCLUSIONS:  Results show statistically significant relationships between fitness and academic achievement, though the direction of causation is not known. While more research is required, promoting fitness by increasing opportunities for physical activity during PE, recess, and out of school time may support academic achievement.


Conclusion: Although academic achievement was not significantly related to physical education enrollment, higher grades were associated with vigorous physical activity, particularly activity meeting recommended Healthy People 2010 levels


. Enhanced brain function, energy levels, body builds/perceptions, self-esteem, and behavior have been attributed to physical activity and to improved academic performance. One cannot make direct correlations from the information offered. However it is obvious that many positive relationships have been suggested. Perhaps instead of decreasing physical activity, school officials should consider developing enhanced physical activity programs.

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